Monday, 28 January 2013

High and Low Pressure

If you are in the region, you'll know that most of coastal Queensland's been
ravaged by a low pressure system, kept smartly in place by a high pressure system off New Zealand.
Oh, and just for the record, I didn't take this photo.
A phenomenal act of weather violence.
With dire flooding consequences for those in low-lying areas.
Here's our babbling brook, about six metres wide, usually.
It reached about forty.
And, it's not tidal.
High tide's tonight.
Heartbreak ahead for lots.
 Before the weather fouled, I got to the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) on the weekend.
Found a park, for free, in Hope Street. Weekends only, early arrival might just get you a spot.
Drop anyone off at the bus terminal if they complain about the walk, or are in Manolo's,
or just because you are polite,
and hot foot up to GoMA yourself.
Spend the money saved on coffee and cake.
 There's lots to see at the Asia Pacific Triennal 7.
Some sort of art film about ageing resonated with me.
It included a repeat image of old fingers, not being able to thread cotton through the tiny hole.
I don't care about ageing, only about not being able to Flora a needle.
 Salient points, Basir.

 These textile collages were interesting.

 And these, coconut string wrapped tubes.

 The tubes' shadows.
 There's lots of indigenous and traditional crafts.
Kids' Frippery available, too. And, the exhibition's free.
Ian Fairweather's on at Queensland Art Gallery, just across the way.
He painted on cardboard, using housepaints, living
in exile on Bribie Island. No electricity.
After being a Prisoner of War (WW2).
Makes you think, what's possible in this life.
 And Manuela Campos' madness.
To be honest, I'd never heard of him.
A fellow chalkface worker told me to look out for him.
I can identify some kitchen motifs...

 There's an installation of small paintings about desserts and French frippery.
Gastronomy, art and politics, by Chinese artist, Zhou Tiehai.
 To be honest, I found them quite satisfying.
Simple, aren't I?
and, I concur a recipe is definitely art.
Zhou included some showgirl frippery, too.
Bought the print on acid free paper.


 A day today, best for thinking and getting indoor chores completed.
And, counting how lucky.
 Here some Flora, for Spring 2013.
The Camellia Society.

And a bit of robo-vac.
Multi-tasking genius.
You are mad if you don't.


  1. Happy Monday doll...the museum sounds wonderful. Gorgeous pictures. I saw about the rain on the news, looks horrible. We had heavy rain here for some days, I thought it wouldn't end. But, thankfully it has. I hope it settles there. Have a wonderful week xx

    1. Thank you Dainty, rain's eased and my niece will enjoy your kind compliment. Many folk affected by flooding though, fraught time for some souls. X