Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Camelia Society's Appointment

Don't let Mr Fascinata convince you for one minute that I
nearly forgot that today is the day for the House of Flora's
appointment with hat royalty.
Today at The Hat Box, Gallery Level, Brisbane Arcade.
I'd be lying if I didn't say, 'I am nervous.'
Don't fear I won't be wearing a $20 Indian caftan
or these Guess flip-flops my friend Starr encouraged me to buy at the Sales.
Fair enough. I've had a lot on my mind.
For a start, 'Happy New Year, Flora devotees!'
Although a bit delayed.
Here's where I've been.
Yes, on top of a ferry watching the cracker show on Sydney Harbour!
Had to steal this photo from the Telegraph newspaper,
because my own turned out like this.
The moon made an appearance.
Saw the New Year in safely, with the likes of.
And smoke and mirror style accessories.
Don't let that black cuff fool you, it's a $12 one, not the
its $800 cousin from you know where. (Too scared to say it, 'lest the blog's
shut down by you know who).
Here's Chanel's windows, short and flirty.
Too be honest, I wasn't sure about the diversity, with those shorter skirt lengths.
Might be Brad's idea.
Balenciaga was nearby.
Art Deco inspired jaw-dropper hand bags.
Don't panic about those black shoes on the right, they are not the $1000 YSL Tributes, no sirree...
an imitation is the best form of flattery from Novo Shoes.
Email me if you want the details.
Went to the Sales.
Mr Fascinata was devastated to find Cartier closed.
Alannah Hill was truly gorgeous.
This striped cardigan was in that bag and I've matched it with a feathered
I shouldn't have, but I also bought one of Alannah's pieces of frippery.
We have to support each other, now.
Believe it or not, we went to the beach (?!)
Wore this.
Long sleeves.
Was too polite to take any photos, but still can't get over the
shock of seeing people actually sun-BAKING.
Really baking. Yes.
If you take nothing away from this today, make sure it's a hat.
This is a raspberry Mojito.
It's a festive drink d'jour.
Here's the tree at Martin Place.
Do people get sick of seeing trees this time of year?
What about the Opera House from a ferry? Ubiquitous.
Try this then, Mr Fascinata's Christmas present from yours truly!
Three pink flamingos.
What are you thinking?
He is pretty happy with them.
Better get cracking. Stay careful and lucky, as we are.
There's been a lot of sadness too, over the New Year.
Thoughts for those in all necks of the woods in need and grieving.
In Syria, the Ivory Coast, India and those who have had
their government assistance cut here in Australia.
Have you scratched out any resolutions already?

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