Saturday, 29 December 2012

Clapping the Loudest

It's nearly 2013, and I might not see you 'til then, so
here's the frippery I am clapping the loudest about in 2012.
The workers at the chalkface.
And their stellar efforts.
And how they dream their own dreams.
Well done, A+++.
The Embroiderers' Guild and its associations.
Listening to Jenny Adin-Christie.
Her hands embroidered Princess Kate's wedding gown!
Along with the team from Valentino and the London School of Needlework.
Here's lovely Jenny.
The lovely G and her generosity.
Boxes of divine lace and tulle.
The fabulous Tricia Smout and her Artist-in-Residency at Brisbane's Botanical Gardens.
The Mt Coot-tha Orchid Species Society, too.
Mr Fascinata's heirloom tomato crops.
The appearance of Karl's Brisbane specific ocean coloured Chanel flap,
and a sequined jacked at one of Flora's dinner parties.
A Chanel scarf gift for the hostess, too.
And my ten year old Princess Mary Vogue got the attention it deserved.
My e-friendship with the lovely, Bea.
And new obsession with German glitter,
from Paulette at PaperNosh.
House models, E.L
and J.
My fringe.
And natural hair colour.
That has saved me a fortune.
To spend!
Thank you, Jean Brown.
Attendance at Boot Camp, back a while, but diligent when enrolled.
The diamante Puma got me through.
Regular walking and the artificial turf.
Do it, you won't be sorry.
For those Spambots, that honestly write the loveliest comments,
'Your writing is wonderful. I have learnt so much.'
'Can I share this with my Twitter group?'
This is vital information and so well-produced.'
Thank you, Spam, you make my day.
Clapping too, for all those bods who knocked themselves out
for the Arts in 2012.
You know who you are.
Clapping for friends who you catch up with where you once were, without effort.
For looking forward to something, always.
Being hopeful.
Have a sweet New Year's Eve.
Whatever you do, noisy or nothing.
All works.
Don't forget to clap the loudest.


  1. That's your natural hair colour? Lucky you! Mine's just an awful mouse brown that I have to get "warmed up" every time I'm at the hairdresser!

  2. I love those hairdresser euphemisms, funny aren't they? Lessens the wallet pain if it's in a language you're unsure about! Happy New Year to you, Kellie.