Friday, 21 December 2012

A Good Embellishment

If you know me well, you'll know that I am partial to a good embellishment.
Therefore couldn't resist this discounted pure silk Akira Isogawa mu-mu number.
My friend E, went into the Sale first.
Then left me this ominous voice message,
"If I were you, I'd get in there." Click.
So I did, in a frenzy and in the process cancelling another social engagement.
Shocking, I know. Not my usual good form. Sorry.
Akira was in-store, making lovely commentary and overseeing the Sale.
It was a thrill to see him.
To be honest, I didn't mention the PowerPoint of my work I had sent
him a year ago. And should've.
I'll ear-mark that artistic collaboration conversation for later.
Rosy and beady.
I wore it the other night, and to be honest felt  bit conspicuously festive.
Spent last night up at the coast.
With the old crowd. In great contrast to Flora's Frippery, my friend C is the greatest minimalist
I know. I admire her strength and I am perversely obsessed with how she
manages to keep her house so sparkling clean.
Here's her magnolias.
No fear, those stamens weren't there for long.
We started our love affair with bamboo together. Here's her black bamboo.
And here.
I cluttered together this vignette.
Today, I am ready to make a festive wreath, as you do.
I'll be using this collection of native Australian bird feathers.
Somehow. I'll keep you in the loop.
I'll be out for a scavenge this afternoon, finding pieces of leafy branches.
Do you get any Fancy-Nancy flash Christmas cards?
This one from Cartier has made my day.
It still has the leopard theme leading the carriage through the snow and all over the world.
Like last year's Christmas video.
I love its fanciful frippery.
Bea, I popped this on for you!
I'm still working Floras like all get-go.
I make most of my own fleurs, usually. But, couldn't resist this cargo, as below.
I love the lime against the pink.
Don't even start me on the facsimile Ch***l camellias I was lucky to find.
I'm too scared to write (whisper Chanel) because I heard once that Karl shut down someone's accessory lovelies outlet
when they paid homage to his bijoux by namesake.
Between that and Brad Pitt's inevitable nonsense, I can't be sure I can continue to endorse the House.
We'll see.
Mr Fascinata's box better be the goods, all right.
Forget Christmas, everyone's moved on to New Year's Eve now.
What are you doing?
Do you frock up or opt out?
Make sure you plan the logistics, now.


  1. Very beautiful photos, love embellishments and flowers...wonderful!! I hope you have a great day doll xx

  2. Thank you Dainty Doll, so thrilled you'll be visiting regularly, in fact honoured! x

  3. How often do you have to visit Cartier to get a Christmas Card? Perhaps Mr F has been there lately?? Thank you darling but where's mine haha! You look beautiful in your red dress, stylish to the max! Sending Christmassy love and amazing New Year wishes, your lax pen pal, Bea xxxxxx