Sunday, 23 December 2012

First Festive Frippery

Today was the first installment of festive frippery.
And Flora's house animal's 91st birthday.
For dessert and coffee, I made a passionfruit and Cointreau soaked cake.
It's probably the worst-looking-cake I've ever seen.
I do recommend the combination. But, just make sure it's cooked all the way
through, before you you slice it into thirds width-wise to soak and fill.
I engaged my niece to model to not one but two Flora-One-of-a-Kinds.
My niece K, zhu-zhu'd up my nails.
I wore a yonks old silk slip with a Flora leopard fleur.
My nieces gave it the ultimate green-light.
Saying that it looked like, 'It belonged there'.
What are you like at buying presents?
Don't compare yourself to my sister, who never fails to give me something
absolutely unique and thoughtful.
Here's some 2012 highlights.
Try this:
It's an an organiser.
Hand-painted and papered.
For bits and pieces, with a secret gift in selected drawers.
Decorated paper balls.
A personally made balsa wood shack to someone who appreciates housing.
I'm a bit excited. I was only thinking that this time last year,
I tricked up the butcher paper covered windows of Montrachet restaurant,
while the house was closed over the holiday season.
And to my surprise, am doing it again.
Here's a cropped section of 2012's artistic musings.
Time to relax.


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