Thursday, 6 December 2012

If You are Lucky

If you are lucky and you've got the tree sorted.
The Yuletide log planned.
(Here's mine from 2011.)
Outfits sorted.
Other foodstuffs, too.
Guests invited.
Gifts bought.
Kris Kringle covered.
You might have time to buy a gift for Kids in Care.
Consider it.
There's over 8000 kids in Queensland who live away from home in order to
be kept safe for all sorts of reasons. So far, Child Safety Officers have received
nearly 4000 wrapped gifts to distribute. They'd like 8000!
Can you help?
Harvey Norman electrical stores are one of the collection points, and ABC shops.
The gift should be around $25, and be marked with a note explaining
who it would suit.
Nice of you.
You'll help make someone's day!
Don't know about you, but I've peaked chalkface-wise.
Thank goodness.
Down hill from here.
Don't know how those poor bods work up 'til Christmas Eve.
Looking forward to a bit of creative goodness.
This lurex mesh is getting the treatment soon.
If you can, don't forget the kids in care.
Gifts due to pick up points by December 14.
Thank you.

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