Monday, 3 December 2012

How Nice is This?

Here's lovely Jess Dempsey wearing a Flora-one-of-a-Kind on Cup Day, 2012.
A while back I contacted the popular Melbourne Stylist and Fashion Blogger and offered her a Flora-one-of-a-Kind
to wear during the Victorian Racing Season.
Jess is out and about all over the place working her stylistic magic.
And I had seen her wearing some truly stunning head pieces since reading her fashion posts over the last year or so.
I was chuffed when she immediately replied to me with a most polite
email, saying she be interested.
I then held my breath and eagerly checked her instagram
via her blog What Would Karl Do?
Then some days later I received another email!
Imagine my astonishment when she said she was trotting out the Flora on Melbourne Cup Day!
I love how she wears Hello Kitty with the black lace sleeve top and the fuchsia satin banded skirt.
Love how the sleeve looks a bit nibbled, like Hello Kitty's left ear!
There was also a stunning Chanel cuff in the mix.
Here's her Hello Kitty in the studio garden before dispatch.
And under construction.
Thank you beautiful Jess, you did Flora most proud!
It was lovely to contact you.

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