Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas Tree Readings

Look, let's face it, the sooner the tree's up.
The more time you have between that effort and taking it down.
But isn't it lovely when the job's done?
What does your tree say about you?
A well-trodden path. Rose and Heart?
Frenchie frippery. Who would have imagined?
A hand crafted Christmas angel.
Her twin's with my friend, T.
The result of a most productive crafting.
Here's T's angel.
Here's a Chanel bauble fashioned from a beaded eggshell
and a re-purposed ribbon.
A Flora-one-of-a-Kind.
Some people will never get well.
Some people I know keep their tree up all-year-round.
Living in a sort of a la-la land.
I like it.
How's your tree? Is it up?
Or are you giving it a miss this year?
All good either way.
Seeing one of Flora's house mannequins E.L, this weekend.
Can't wait.
Might do an impromptu shoot!


  1. Tree IS up, most definitely. Angel twin firmly clinging to the top, however has taken 2 falls so far. She is adventurous I'll give her that.

  2. Well done with your tree efficiency. Bet the boys love it.