Friday, 28 December 2012


Here's a crop of the window drawings I did for Montrachet restaurant.
I themed around peops packed up and leaving for holidays.
Snuck in a Chanel handbag for wishful thinking.
Even got a bit of glitter in on the shoreline.
I'll show you the work in-situ, soon.
Remember back a while when I started fashioning Floras for the Camellia Society?
Well, next week I have an important interview to show off Flora's frippery.
And I am excited.
Might be rubbing shoulders with Stephen Jones' fashionable tonsure frippery and
those of similar ilk.
A who's is who of tonsure frippery.
I'll let you know how I go.
At this stage, anything-could-happen. But, please cross your fingers and toes.
As fabulous as Flora is, she won't be giving up her day job anytime soon.
Here's some of the ideas and inspirations I conjured up for the Society.

I'll take creations of beads and lace.
The wool and lurex camellia.
Hello, Kitty....
Wish me luck.
Stay creative.