Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas by the Horns

Can you believe this ceramic rose is a room perfume?
No, neither could I.
I love it next to my glitter dove that has been on the coffee table for one year, this Christmas.
I recommend grabbing Christmas by-the-horns.
Firmly grasped.
Take control.
Leaving no room for frippery.
Yesterday I was chatting to a colleague who explained that his in-laws and out-laws
do different Christmas day events,
and that he drives with family for a 250km round trip to
see both parties.
What joy?
How do your arrangements go?
Mine are neatly placed.
Diplomatically arranged.
Yes, three different celebrations,
no driving in between.
Separate days.
including the Boxing Day Test Match for Mr Fascinata
and nothing on Boxing Day 'cept
the Sales for Flora + friend!
That's Joy!
I stole that festive message above from Cathay Pacific's Christmas email, hope they
don't mind. They really are the loveliest to fly with.
How's your decorating going?
Do you feel you've enough going on to opt out of tinsel and the like?
Good excuse.
Me, too.
Here's the decor insight.
I've already poupees popping up with gay abandon.
Hoarded greeting cards.
A lounge room chandelier + an abstract by Sunshine Coast artist Blair McNamara.
A back deck chandelier, with cobwebs that aren't to be removed.
A gift from my friend, T!
Somewhat repellent to Mr Fascinata's minimalist ways, but a dream decor for me.
The Dog of the Year.
And, artfully arranged tulle and lace.
Giving me time to think.
How's under the tree looking?
Any presents, yet?
There's only grown-ups where I am, so Santa's delivered already.
This appeared, gift wrapped, black and white from Mr Fascinata.
To be honest, I am too old for surprises.
But still very excited.
I've got the training manual for your beloved if you want to work on anything,
and earlier on, I promised it free to anyone who joins the blog.
No takers, despite.
On a sad note, the robotic vacuum cleaner has let me down.
It seems to have reprogrammed itself and only whirrs around
backwards without suction.
They do say pride comes before a fall.
I spoke too soon. Clearly.
Hoping to get it sorted tomorrow.
Don't let this put you off getting one, though.
It had a very impressive start.
Start wrapping gifts soon, so you are not up till midnight
the Christmas Eve and jaded before the day begins.
Frankly, I'll be heating the glue gun and getting an old bits of paper and offcuts to
recycle in decorations for gifts, like this old inner
of a Chanel perfume box.
Keep breaking down the chores, bit by bit.

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