Saturday, 15 December 2012


I've targeted a few thing to sort, this side of Christmas.
The freezer's one of them.
Can no longer bear Mr Fascinata asking, 'what's this?'
As he pokes away for a lamb rack and the like.
And sadly, the top tier of our Wedding cake saw the inside of the bin today.
If it wasn't for this blog, it'd still be languishing in the freezer.
Storing up its stale frozen air smell.
Funny thing is, that when it went it to those iced depths,
I knew it wasn't coming out.
So, here it is, a decent send off.
Tricked with Picasa 3 and in its loveliness.
Thank you for the memories.
Did anyone actually eat the bit of their cake they saved?
How'd you part with the decorations?

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