Saturday, 15 December 2012

Habits and Rituals

Are you lucky enough to have a yoga teacher as a friend?
I am. I met D at the chalkface.
To be honest, I adore her.
She's given me a few significant things.
The Bhagavad Ghita and its inspirational box of wisdom cards.
When she visits, she brings things like roasted chick peas, lightly salted
and cranberry juice.
I try to go easy on the cream filled frippery on those days.
I like to ritually draw a wisdom card at key points in my
Florafied existence.
And, am amazed that I can put them into context so often.
I know essentially the Bhagavad Gita is about one
heck of a drawn out battle. A war.
But, apart from that it has things to say.
This week the chalkface has gone on holidays.
Had a lovely end to the year.
Trotted out the Victorian style flower patterned make do and mend
hand-sewn quilt project.
Had plenty of takers.
Five years in the making.
An end of term ritual.
Had this native Australian bird specimen, a Kookaburra
drop by the school's green patch.
Just when I was leaving.
Thank you, Kookaburra.
Have started to have a play around with sculpting lace
and those beautiful camellias I bought.
I can imagine this in a plenty of tousled hair, half-up, half-down.
And this work-in-progress.
Just heard about the Connecticut primary school shooting.
It's the stuff our nightmares are made of; concede I don't have to tell you.
Here's the Gita card I retrieved from the pack of over sixty options.
I do know it's cold comfort.
But still.
Hearts are broken.

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