Monday, 10 December 2012

Beach Shack and Matters Muchly

Are you grateful for simple stuff?
I caught up with some old friends on the weekend.
The type where you can say any sort of frippery and nothing matters.
Everything just clicks.
Effort free and easy, thank you very much.
It matters muchly.
F, fresh from Far North Queensland's on a sabbatical at the nearby coast,
she didn't find this holiday shack, it found her. Nice.
Lucky for us.
It was lovely.
There's been a lot of road between us.
But still we find each other.
I trotted up in a pure cotton $20 Indian caftan.
I recommend you get one of the same for this Summer.
You'll feel relieved.
Sorry, if you are reading in the Northern hemisphere; I can't help you.
You'll have to keep consulting those fancy French blogs for sartorial style.
Here's the shack's driveway.
Transport mode.
Why not?
F loves her fresh fruits.
And juicing. And, I'm not going to pretend I could start the
 day with this juice.
I couldn't.
Had to forgo the juicy goodness for coffee.
Disappointing, I know.
She zhu-zhu'd this concoction while the rest of us were sleeping.
Remember this bowl of pink silk?
Well, now it's this rose Flora-One-of-a-Kind.
What do you think?
I'll have to finish it, soon.
It's a bit like that one Kate Moss had on her head at the Ritz, a while back.
I like to think so, anyway.
Here's Starr's painting.
Bit like the Flora.
Hope she doesn't mind.
If you care, here's a lovely note about the puppet show on the weekend.
The one my colleague vaguely mentioned, because she's behind those curtains in the heat
and humidity that is here at the moment.
It's amazing the things you find out when you blithely ask,
'what are you doing for the weekend?'
Yes, run by the vivacious Joanie.
Who really was something else.
What a treat she is, 91 years old, and her and the family members
had crafted the puppets and each year they stage a show for the community.
When I say they, I mean Joanie's the producer for sure.
Full stage direction.
Just gorgeous.
Joanie on percussion.
Five Little Ducks....
Old MacDonald had a Farm.
Singing green tree frogs.
Thank you for the inspiration, Joanie.
It mattered muchly.
I'll be back next year.


  1. Hey Flora.
    Love your blog. It is very inspiring how you notice the beauty in everything even the vegie juice pulp!!
    F xxxx

  2. THank you for dropping by. Takes one to know one, anonymous. X