Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Under the Pump

I love this time of year.
It's busy.
Even Barbie's zhu-zhu'd up on her official calendar.
There's point of sale Christmas frippery all over the place.
Packaging gets a makeover.
Today, I'm shouting out to the chalkface and its workers to recognise how under the pump we've all been of late.
I won't hear a bad word said, never mind those holidays and what they whittle down to, we've earned them.
If you don't agree, please, get on board.
Imagine this......
Come and engage numerous batches of 29 workers, one small room, multiple times a day, with no time to use amenities 'cept big break!
All sorts of personalities, yours included.
Please try it, you could volunteer a day.
Have had a mountain of paper A_B_C_D_E's to do.
Took time out to lie on the artificial grass's cool artifice.
After an onslaught today.
It was as hot as Hades.
 Brisbane's sunset was even throwing a bit of Christmas garland.
Whipped up a bunch of these:
roll the dough, wrap, chill and cut.
Decorate no nonsense.
Nice diversion.
No time for much more frippery.
Back to work, now.
How do you manage when you are under the pump?
All at once?
Last minute effectiveness?
Best under pressure?
Or little by little?

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