Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Nothing Surprising

Not sure where I am heading with this cluster of camellias, but I'll let you know.
 To be honest, there's nothing in this post that will surprise you.
I'm still fashioning frippery from camellias
and mildly obsessed.
 That blue dye isn't leaving me any time soon, either.
 I've returned to the chalkface, so the House of Flora looks like a moment-frozen-in-time.
Unresolved issues.
 This afternoon tea is low-calorie.

 I spent the last day of my summer vacation
with Flora's 90 year-old-house muse.
Whose vet appointment only revealed that he
only had dog sinus, not some sort of lung disease.
I'd be lying if I didn't say I was relieved.

I spent my first day back at the chalkface partaking in some
literacy capers, whereby I had an intense discussion entailing
if a scientist says he is surprised by a discovery, could that mean the same as saying he is excited?
And, what is an axolotl?
Who would imagine?

 What are we thinking?
Could be described as a surprising change from a foam poupee?
 Brought the grape jelly to fruition.
Hard going, considering the recipe said boil for ten minutes,
and it took fifty minutes to gel?
Does anyone agree that recipes don't really teach you how to cook?
Nothing surprising.
Slightly softer than I'd hoped.
But three jars dispatched to fellow workers.
Found them at lunch break, spreading it atop a blue cheese on a cracker.
What lovely enthusiasm.

I'll report back.
When I've got some more news.


  1. You create some really amazing things...I would wear that, it's gorgeous!! xx

    1. Well thank you, Miss Dainty Doll. You are so kind with your encouragement and positivity, and good taste! ;) x