Saturday, 12 January 2013

Housework, you're Mad if you Don't.

 I've joined Fascinator and Frippery Anonymous and
had to face the rigours and hardship of house-keeping instead of Flora's Studio.
And preparing for the inevitable return to the chalkface.
Good news is, the robo-vac is back.
If you don't have one of these robo-vacuum cleaners.
You're mad if you don't.
It's Smart Housekeeping.
It gets the job done.
 It gives you time, to do what's important.
Like photograph your costume jewellery collection of rings.
 Just clear the decks a bit so it can get down to business.
Or, you can work quietly side by side. It's like having someone
to do the housework with. Nice.
 Cheap and cheerful.

 Lots of Flora themed pieces.

 This one is a one-of-a-kind.
I love it, one of the worker's mother made it.

 Happy Weekend.
Dig out all your costume jewellery, wear it like it's new again.


  1. I will flora, I will!
    And I will get my 2 jnrs (not quite of the robotic kind) onto the floors pronto (have already stubbed the decks -ahoy!).

  2. No time for any nonsense on your watch, that's a given. Try wrapping the First Mates in sticky tape and let them crawl around? Could be an idea? Can't believe you've already swabbed the decks, at his early hour!

  3. I've wanted one of those robot vacuum cleaners ever since I first found out they existed, but could never justify buying one considering how small my place is. If I could get one that mops the floor though...

    1. I tell you, they make those Saturday mornings a lot easier and are most efficient! I never seem to get around to mopping! :/ Does a spot clean count? Housework is the pits.