Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Rarefied and Lovely

Things went swimmingly at The Hat Box, today.
Had so much creative fun.
Was able to offset my tatty pink fleur with this outstanding
sparkle, a gift from my friend A, last night.
This advertisement lives up to its claims. For sure. 
 The Brisbane Arcade is beautiful.
If you are hankering Paris or Melbourne, get in there.
It might scratch an itch.

Pretty Pink and Hello Kitty's in store.
 And this oversized rose.
 Enjoy a bit of hat-making when I wasn't serving the clients.

 The range is outstanding.
From the likes of:
Patricia Balmer, Ann Boyle, Kim Fletcher, Neil Grigg, Kylie Heagney, Jonathan Howard, Kathy Neumann, Richard Nylon, Suzy O’Rourke, Elizabeth R, Phillip Rhodes, Sandra Robson, Liza Stedman and Karen Valentine. She also stocks the exquisite hats from Stephen Jones, London.

 Remember, Gallery Level.
Near Room with Roses.
The most civilised way to 'do' coffee.

Enjoy the theatrics and frippery of the The Hat Box, soon.


  1. All of the creations are wonderful xx

  2. Thank you, Dale certainly stocks some incredible pieces and each is a one of a kind. Amazing work. I'm so thrilled to be included!