Saturday, 19 January 2013

Deepen the Mystery

 I spent the afternoon in a caftan, grape jelly making.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it.
You'll need free fruit.
Don't bother making it if the fruit's not gratis.
It's false economy. As Mr Fascinata would attest.
My friend M, gave me the biggest bag of black grapes. Just on over-ripe and juicy.
 You'll then need half your body weight in sugar.
And that jamsetta pectin and sugar mix, if you are a self-doubter.
Here's one of M's vine leaves.
No photos of the grapes.
Missed the vine too, and it's probably over 100 years old.
 The black grapes releasing their juicy goodness.
 You'll have to wait until tomorrow for the final product.
Jams and jellies also are not viable time-wise.
 I deepened the mystery with a bit of tannin action on these
white camelias.
Aren't they lovely?

 Different tea gives different tones.

Are you counting your blessings?
Just tallied mine, after watching SBS World news,
pro-government rebels in Syria, again.
Massacring civilians.

While the world stands by.

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