Saturday, 26 January 2013

Blake Lively + Flora

 Here's my niece, C wearing the latest range of Flora Fascinata, Spring 2013.
 She always reminds me of Blake Lively.
I said this to her today, she said she'd never heard of her.
Obviously doesn't spend enough time doing what's important.
Or, sitting at a hairdressers, reading magazines.
 She also makes her own textiles jewellery.
This one's got little freshwater pearls sewn into gold rose buds.

Thank you, C.
I'm off to the Gallery of Modern Art tomorrow. To check
out the Asia-Pacific Triennial Exhibition.
It's quite serious, not much room for frippery.
Artistic representations that represent the many social, cultural and political
issues in the selected regions.
Extraordinary pieces.

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  1. The first and 6th photos are do amazing work! Your niece is stunning as well, makes a perfect model!! x