Friday, 25 January 2013

Material Opulence

 I've enjoyed the unbridled creative luxury of dyeing these cotton camellias.
Sculpted lace too, beaded with a feathered fringe, peacock and pink ostrich.
 The goods, laid bare.
 Flora's muse enjoys a bit of opulence, too.

 Fashioned this frippery, too.
As below, a purple hued lace and camellia Hello, Kitty!
Sparked by a beautiful purple sapphire.
Lovely L at the chalkface and her diamond and purple sapphire engagement ring.
Here's her engagement card.
A big heart with international languages.
The purple lace confection is inspiration.
Here's L, doing as she is told, modelling a Hello, Kitty, in front of a whiteboard!

It's monsoonal here, heavy and squally rain.
Australia day, tomorrow.
With many events cancelled.
 Those flamingos will feel quite at home.
 How are you going back at work?
To be honest, it's been a week, alright.
This stack of old Vogue Australia, a non-functional Jeff Koon's Balloon Dog money box
and two Lindt bunnies from 2010
is the neatest vignette in the house.
The remainder is unsuitable for photographs.
 What do you do for a reality check, work-wise?
Sometimes I watch the news and thank goodness I am
not a newsreader, imagine that stress.
Not sure if I could even sit up that straight and not pull any faces.
Or that I don't have a job, at all.
No room for frippery.
  Always like to pull a Gita card when I am at new beginnings.
It amuses me how often I can relate to them.
This one seemed good at the first glance. I liked the peacock feathers.
Mind you, would never use them in a Flora Fascinata.
 Felt a bit miffed when I read the fine print.
Material opulence?
All for a good cause.



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