Thursday, 17 January 2013

Flora + Gucci

 I don't normally rabbit on about fashion,
but this time Gucci's really got the better of me.
And it's not just how much they love bamboo.
I usually just like to showcase my own arts.
I could resist Abbey caressing Flora, the perfume. 
Stayed true to Coco's base notes.
Don't be shocked by the collection, amassed over the years
from Mr Fascinata, as part of the 'no surprises' gift-giving
policy in the marriage manual. Works a treat.
Email me if you want the manual. 
And never mind Chanel's over-sized loveliness and botanical print.
This Gucci bamboo handled bag is a nod in my direction.
Here's a Flora in progress, dyed and heat manipulated, in situ, against the bamboo.
A nod to Gucci, Spring 2013 and bamboo.
 More of Gucci's loveliness.

To quench my thirst, I made some flora inspired cakes.

 Iced with butter frosting and decorated with stamped fondant!
 I learnt this from one of the workers.
Found her in a cake-making class, quietly beetling away making decorations
for her baking, with these new-fangled things I'd never seen.
Not quite fool-proof to operate, but pretty close.
Get some, they are cheapest fun you should be having
in January.




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