Saturday, 9 February 2013


 One of the workers at the chalkface saw this in Macy's, New York and
thought of me. Brought it home.
I quite enjoy the combination of materials.
Leopard and black vinyl?
No pink fur in sight?
Who would have thought?
 I am focusing on accessories to assuage the pang felt by the stores' void because it's
Fiscal Frugal February.
And, I am staying strong.
 Got this, Frippery for Everyday calendar too, from lovely H!
She's at the chalkface's Library.
As below.
 Today's Philip Treacey.
To be honest, I love that red vinyl rose and mesh arrangement.

 I am currently grappling with a beast.
The wardrobe and its contents.
That make do and mend bamboo hanging rod snapped last week and
Mr Fascinata has replaced it with steel and stern warning.
"It's overloaded."

I've been working on this leopard printed feather headpiece.
 Not sure where I'll go with its final design, but probably just a simple slide comb.

If you live around the traps of Northey Street's City Farm, in Brisbane's Windsor.
don't be frugal with them.
Spend the dollars saved.
They are rebuilding again after flooding.

Happy Weekend.