Thursday, 7 February 2013

Studio Business and Dog of the Year

 If you've been giving this blog the attention it deserves, you'll
remember me flagging that the French bulldog is pretty much Dog of the Year.
Here's a puppy on the cover of Cleo's nonsense magazine.
Still around after all these years, and proclaiming
to be right with the feminist movement.
Sorry, Cleo, I think not.
Can you believe this silhouette of lovely Jen Hawkins
on the cover. Cleo proudly states they have not 'touched up the image
in any way'. Frankly, I'd feel better if they did.
Does Jen look seriously underweight?
 It's belt tightening Fiscal February and I am getting the most out of money spent on flowers.
 Spending time fashioning frippery for the coming season.
Focusing on what I've got.
Not what I want.
Shopping in my own wardrobe.

 Do you have a collection of things on a mood board or a vision board.
Mine's still looking nuts. And, in need of an overhaul.
Now that the bookshelf's a rainbow.
The pressure's on.

 What's going on for Valentine's day?
I'll be having a quite night in.
These rose inspired cupcakes from Taste in Brisbane's Newstead
could come in under budget.
They might be still taking orders, not sure.
 This rose minaudiere would do the trick.
Unfortunately in the league of the 'most expensive purses in the world.'

Shame the day's in Fiscal February.



  1. I think she looks a bit touched up as well, not sure. I'd really wish they'd stop doing that to people in the magazines, I rather they looked themselves really. Lots of pretty bits and pieces here, gorgeous mirror. The cupcakes look amazing, so pretty. Lilies are a favourite :) Have a great weekend to come doll xx

  2. The weird thing was the magazine's no photo manipulation disclaimer. Less head messing if you know that they are photoshopped! Those cakes are second to none, alright! Thank you for visiting. Love it when you pop in! X