Thursday, 21 February 2013

Flummoxed by Frippery

To be honest, I still don't know what I am going to wear to the Touch of Green 'do' on Saturday night.
Have to think of something.

 The emerald green corsages are a perfect match for a silky top
I've had for ages. It reminds me of Flora + Gucci, from back in the day.
Fall 2011.
What sheer loveliest.
I might have time to get out the 35 year old Bernina and whip up a skirt.

 Took a range of Flora's in today to the workers.
They are always appreciative.
To launch our Calico Capers Wearable Art unit.
I gave them a lecture about thermo-plasticity.
Calico Capers....
I know, the name's not really up to my
usually way with words. It's someone else's word craft.
We are entering a competition.
Making wearable art frocks out of calico alone. I've got
50 metres + I am unleashing on the juniors.
What fun!
 We crafted up this banner last week.
We received feedback that it looked incomplete because it
did not include b-u-t-t-o-n-s.
I concur.
 I took the workers on a trip through the world of
famous fashion quotes.
Coco's always the pithiest.
Who would have guessed Tolstoy was in on it?

 I think they'll take the advice.
Good for them.

Had staff chalkface ID photo time.
I couldn't understand why the lovely behind the camera was so insistent
about people smiling and holding their heads a certain way.
It's a thumbnail on a poster. No lanyard IDs involved.
She must have asked me about six times to change
how I was holding my head.
To be honest, I'd be lying if I didn't say I got annoyed.
In the end I had to be frank to stop the frippery
and I told her it didn't worry me.
Do people actually complain about how their photo looks?
Need to know. I'm flummoxed.
Stay more than tolerant.


  1. I don't like getting pictures taken that have the person asking me to change over and over, I would have gotten annoyed to, ha!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend doll xx

    1. Honestly, there were more corrections than my Wedding photos! Lol! Thank you for your empathy! Xx