Monday, 11 February 2013

Vogue's in Town

It's always a good day when Mr Fascinata picks up Vogue from the PO Box.
But, am I the only one who's vexed when a face is the cover?
It is about fashion, isn't it?
 Luckily, Vogue Australia redeemed itself when I saw this inside.
A nod to bloom town.
All sorts of floral frippery in sight.
 Had a quiet weekend.
Zhu zhu'd up Flora's studio.
Although Mr Fascinata remarked nothing had changed when I called
him in to inspect.
Put Stephen Jones' Hats brochure in pride of place.
And Vogue's Barbie.

 The hand-papered chest of drawers, is now in-situ.
If you are a Virgo, and inclined for this frippery, you can create this 
time-consuming and extremely accurate piece of storage gorgeousness.
The unfinished timber frame's available at craft stores.
It's lovely.
But, I am too scared to move in.
Thank you, sister.

 The vision board is still bananas.
 Had time to shadow box a few favourites.

 Put empty packaging to good use.
 Feel embarrassed to say I took free rein and exercised discretionary power.
Saw The Fabric Store's 50% reduction sale.

 Blew the dust of Coco.

 Admired my Embroiderers' Guild pin cushion.
 On a note where more effort's required,
I am taking a short Auslan course this weekend with Deaf Services Queensland.
We've now got Deaf workers at the chalkface
and I am excited to be working and learning in this new culture.
To be honest, I have been useless at learning languages
in the past. Fingers crossed.
How are you?

Stay organised and creative.



  1. Wonderful pictures, I'm a virgo and I love when I can put things away like that & have them on display, haha. But, I'm also a messy Virgo to a little extent & then I need it cleaned up. But, organisation is great :)) Love all your little pieces here and there, so nice!! I hope you have a great week doll xx

  2. Dainty, that's so funny! I always associate neatness and cataloguing with Virgo! I am a Scorpio and really a messy shocker. My sister's Virgo, she made the little papered unit carefully cutting sizes to fit and wall papering it, inside and out! I was amazed when I saw it! If I tried that it would be like a dog's hind leg! I I love your relaxing inspirational post today on Dainty Doll House. Xx

  3. Beautiful post!!! would you like to follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

    1. Thank you Marcela, I enjoyed looking at the photos of NYC and the architectural inspired fashion you posted. Now following your work!

    2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I follow you!
      Have a good week! and keep in touch....