Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ahead of Myself

 Here's my old friend's Flora, high in the sky.
It's a beautiful day in Brisbane. I've had time to do a quick shoot to celebrate the beautiful blue skies we've been experiencing of late. There's a high pressure system about.
I did the housework last night, so today I have a little bit of time.
I'm sort of ahead of myself.
I hope no-one from the Embroiderers' Guild is reading.
I'm meant to be in there, on Brunswick Street, churning out bullion roses like there's no tomorrow.
Instead, I'm outside doing photographic frippery.

Here's the roses, I bought for her birthday party tonight.
Can anyone tell one of the workers told me about editing with Piccasa,
and it's a novelty for me?
Here's a blue Flora on a blue sky.

 Have a lovely Saturday.


  1. Beautiful photos of stunning work! xxx

  2. Don't forget our Queensland Embroiderers Guild Exhibition starting next Saturday 2nd June for 1 week

    1. Thank you Deb, desperate to get into the Guild to stitch, but have had busy Saturdays! Will be there this Saturday for sure.