Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Archival Quality

The funniest thing happened yesterday afternoon, I got a call from the Embroiderers' Guild,
explaining I had won first prize in the Mothers Day Fair Raffle! I can't wait to pick up the prize!
 It's a gorgeous little embroidered bag.
The Embroiderers' Guild has brought out all sorts of creative inclinations in me, to the surface.
I had already decided I am going to get down there on Brunswick Street on Saturdays, when the building's open between 1 - 4pm and get a project going. I am thinking of something like this; a similar effort to the one Christian Louboutin did with the Maison Lesage! What a great way to up-cycle your old pumps!

Although, I had a flashback today, and a rather disturbing one, involving me at Miller and Coates (circa 1992), a gorgeous, and rather up-market haberdashery over at Clayfield, Brisbane.
 I was learning how to do bullion roses or in  my case, grub roses!

Image: courtesy of the Maison Lesage
I had a piece of delicate thread that would just not go through the super-fine needle the instructor had issued me.
I licked the thread to somehow make it go through this ridiculously fine needle I was given and was chastised.
 I was told, this indeed, would render the thread non-archival, and a useless heirloom,
as the acid would perish the fibres. Point taken.
I remember too, comparing my hands to the others' in the group and wondering at how rough and ragged mine looked due to a) not really looking after them, and b) working with so many nail ravaging materials.
Oh dear, I hope the Guild are not too strict. They certainly seem like a kind bunch and I am eager to get started.

I then received the loveliest email from the Honourable Secretary of the Guild, and I can't tell you how excited I am....

Dear Flora,

Hullo. I met you on Sunday at The Embroiderers' Guild Mother's Day Craft Fair.

I have just read your Blog about your visit to the Fair on Sunday. It was wonderful and we really appreciated your story about your visit to the Guild.

We would love to invite you to visit the Guild when we are stitching on one of our general stitching days.

This coming weekend we are having a Tutor who is a Graduate of the Royal School of Needlework. She will be giving a number of our Members tuition in White work for three days. On the Saturday 5th. at 3.30pm we will behaving light refreshments and then at 4pm Jenny Adin-Christie will be giving a lecture to our members and Guest on the subject "Preserving the Past and Creating the future, the work of a professional Embroiderer." 

If you are free on Saturday we would like to invite you to  join us and see how we work and come to the Lecture. Jenny Adin-Christie worked on Princess Catherine's Wedding Gown.

We have our normal Saturday Stitching for Members from 1pm to 4pm. as well that afternoon. We will finish our usual afternoon activities at 3.30pm.

Did you say Jenny Adin- Christie and Catherine Middleton's Wedding gown!!
Needless to say, you know where I'll be Saturday!
Maybe I'll start something like this?

Or, this overly-ambitious silk ribbon embroidery, courtesy of the House of Lesage.
Lovely, at least I'll have somewhere to turn if I need help!

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