Monday, 21 May 2012

Better Boss

I think it is fair to say I would be a better boss than Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld. I would never put my models through this.
Poor things, I bet they'll think twice about answering his call next time.
Karl's been busy of late, and most creative. I like it, and I like his nod to Marie Antoinette with his most recent launch at Versailles, and his little homage to craft hand bag (in 2011), which I must say, made an personal appearance
at the Orchid Society's Hat Salon.
Here's an example of Karl's latest Summer range.
It's all in how you interpret the look, of course.
I think some people were too quick to judge.
Imagine how relaxing those shorts would be to wear.
And, I love the hat. Lesage probably crafted that flower.
Here's to raising the status of craft.
Check out what came in the door, Chanel's patchwork hand bag effort, tucked under the arm
of a well-heeled guest at the Hat Salon.
How terribly appropriate.
It was a Mothers Day gift!
The Orchid Society Hat Salon was an all round success. Thank you for asking.
Here's the transformation of the downstairs of the House of Flora.
There's only a few carcasses left lying around for sale.
This is a bit like a Flora shrine.
A pink Flora story, the vignette enhanced with a 2007 Vogue Australia, open in the foreground.

This frock image below was in that 2007, Vogue Australia (see, hoarding does have its benefits).
I trotted it out to complete the Flora style scene.
It inspired one guest to start talking about Wedding gown ideas!
I said she could fray all the bias cut strips and I'd run the gown up on the 35 year-old Bernina, in a pale grey or ivory silk.
Excited gasp!
That old Vogue also profiled lots of upmarket Flora style frippery, that really was every bit as good as mine.
Check it out.
I appreciate the validation, but that price point's a bit much! $550 in 2007! I suppose it was before the GFC.

Can you  believe these shoes, yes...I realise you don't wear them on your head.

This is a lovely idea.
Here's a close-up of the Orchid Society.

And lovely corsages.
The poodle lamp got a run, luckily for it, it didn't upstage of the Floras.

A 50s style tulle corsage.

The guests had a fabulous time; my niece's paper cut could be an artist impression of a couple of them.
I told you she is a creative type.
How good is it?
Here's my niece, being my P.A.

We got into a bit of this.

And these!

All the guests behaved.

Two came armed with this lovely bouquet for me.

How nice. Thank you.
A guest at the Salon asked me to craft up a Flora for her outfit to wear to a flash Wedding in Sydney, this weekend.
Anyone who wears head frippery, especially to Weddings, has my vote.
I'm looking forward to seeing a photograph of her on the day.
This piece is lovely, it sits quite smoothly, just above the hairline, on an slight angle.
When she popped over to pick it up today, I received another succulent for the collection.
I maybe striking succulents, but I am not going to give up blue nail polish, like one of the too good to be true French lifestyle toting blogs say, 'if you're on the other side of 40 years, only wear taupey shades or pale pink'. 
No sir-ee.
Here's a gratuitous, protest shot of my favourite blue polish coupled with the next big succulent thing.
Thank you for joining me at the Orchid Society: Hat Salon.


  1. Hat salon, attended. Fab fasci's, purchased. Bling bling for Syd, acquired. Niece of flora mehndi inspired design for tattoo......yet to obtain!!

  2. Niece cut her hours back without telling me, no time for tattooing.