Friday, 4 May 2012

Kimberley's Kaminari

My niece K, is very creative. She gets up to all sorts of things.

Here's her legs covered in  Pucci style stockings, and a patent, purple Shoe City Red Pepper boot. 

And in a striped opaque, with a lace up boot.

Here she is doing an beautiful imitation henna-look hand art.

Her latest achievement is this! Check out this gorgeous plush Night Fury species! It took her yonks to make,
 because most of it is painstakingly, perfectly hand-stitched.
I'm sure she got sick of me asking, 'Have you finished the dragon yet?'
Kaminari roughly translates to thunder and lightening in Japanese.

She also practices this craft she calls stencilling or 'silhouetting'. K will convert a drawing into negative and positive spaces and shapes, all-the-while making sure one of the colours is connected to itself. Complicated, indeed.

Aunty Flora's rose.
Does your family have a creative legacy?

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