Sunday, 6 May 2012

Armoire Affront

I want to remind you that I have had most of my clothes for quite some time, and what you are about to see,
 'wasn't just bought yesterday'.
Who would have thought after spending the evening, with the iconic Brisbane Chanel bag and a Chanel sequined jacket included in the guests line-up, (and lovely others!), that my Armoire would have the audacity to do, what it did?
What, with conversation about the Royal Needlework School in London, Princess Catherine's wedding gown, professional embroiderer Jenny-Adin Christie's superb talent, the Brisbane Embroiderers Guild, and a Vogue magazine (resurfacing from 2004) featuring Princess Mary;
what I found today,
 in the downstairs boudoir (or 'spare' room) 
was all a bit too much.
I offered the 2004 Vogue as a loan to one of the guests, but she said she'd be worried her house-keeper might throw it out. Point taken.

Flora's Table Wonderland, with a nod to Warhol.

What, with setting up a flora fascinata of wonderland to match the glassware (more of Andy's and Dom Perignon's screen-printed nonsense on the glass) and serving a delicious course, I didn't see it coming.

It was a wonderful evening. Guests' hands, set against snapdragons, yellow roses and accessory accents:
including the Brisbane Chanel. We know you go on with a lot of frippery, Karl.
But, we do concede you do a lovely corsage and quilted accessory. And of course your frocks and pant suits.
I wonder what Karl would have made of Brisbane, if indeed, he did visit when our boutique opened at Queens Plaza in the city centre? What do you think he'd say?
Let me know.
After this sea of civility, I then woke to see this sauvage, unfolded, crumpled, broken and lifeless,
in the so-called 'spare room'.
The inners of the Armoire had collapsed!

Mr Fascinata had a quick look, 'We'll have to measure it', he said reassuringly.
Apologies regarding the affront of the wire coat hangers, Martha Stewart did tell me to get rid of them years ago.

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