Friday, 25 May 2012

Up to Scratch

Things are finally up-to-scratch after the Hat Salon. Thanks to my niece. I sent her a text message today. 'Are you cleaning today?' She replied, 'No, its nt schdled bt cn hlp u anywy'.
Thank you, clearly I have trained her well.
The poodle lamp is back in situ.
The real orchids of the Hat Salon and their fake friends are finally back outside, enjoying the rain's mist.
Cushion are plumped. Surfaces are dusted.
The cushion on the left (above) is a gift from my sister-in-law, its the most beautiful Charles Rennie McIntosh design.
How good is it?
She can cross-stitch like there's no tomorrow.
Sadly the craft room still leaves a lot to be desired.
It's a moment, frozen in time.
I'll never get on top of it.
On a positive note, there's been a bit of refashioning frippery going on!
The armoire's been fixed!
Remember this?
The armoire now comes with a strict warning from Mr Fascinata, not to overload it.
We've used a piece of bamboo from the back garden to fashion the rod.

The hardware was closed, so we looked around and re-purposed.
Mr Fascinata is stressed it might break.
Clearly he hasn't seen this.

I've also refashioned my Salvos thrift store $6 necklace, the Lanvin special.
I am not unhappy with it.
A $6 Lanvin-esque top also came from the same store. Here's my shoulder and trim, against the necklace.
I took its drama into the chalkface, no-one needs to encourage me.

I always like to maximise my niece's visit. It's highly recommended in the training manual.
I got her modelling a bit of the Orchid Society.
She'd just done two hours vacuuming and steam mopping, but she rose to the occasion.

How lovely.
These poupees are heading down to Upittee Boutique at Wilston, Brisbane.
For Sale.
We are in the middle of the Brisbane Winter Racing Carnival.
Not too sure about the gambling issue, but all good with dressing up with a bit of frippery!
What are you up to for the weekend?

We are off to a 70s themed party!
You wouldn't believe it, I ran in to a lovely old friend, I hadn't seen for years.
Good timing, she invited me to a party this weekend! Nice.
I am going to reincarnate a bit of Ossie Clark!
I had to hide the dress-up stipulation on the invite from Mr Fascinata, till it was too late.
Here's me, paying homage to Ossie, in front of the bamboo, accessorised with a French bulldog.
Mr Fascinata's wearing this 70s inspired shirt we bought in Barcelona, needless to say, the necklace is mine.
How nice is it? I bought it at Upittee Boutique.
I made my old friend this lovely fascinator.
Hope she likes it!
Happy Weekend, good people.

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