Thursday, 17 May 2012

We've Come a Long Way

Here's an update as to how the frippery for the Hat Salon is progressing. I have my Personal Assistants (a.k.a two x nieces) arriving tomorrow and Saturday, to do a last minute zhu-zhu of the house, prepare the afternoon tea, 
and help fashion
 the poupees to display their best sides.
No pressure.
I like to put my nieces to 'good-use'.


We've come a long way since these days.
Here's my niece's paws doing henna-like drawings at the last Hat Salon, on some of the guests' mitts. I yelled down the phone at her, 'Make sure you bring that brown pen-thingy, again.'
It was a nice touch, for those that liked 'that sort of thing'.

 I've had feedback from would-be guests saying that they are primping their own hair-dos in excited anticipation.
The Salon's Saturday, 19May.
Good, I am pleased people are abiding by the dress-code.
And meeting the standards.
The Orchid Society theme has come to fruition. Just.
I'm pretty happy with the effort the Aspley Orchid Society has put in.
But on the other hand, Mt Coot-tha's Ornithophora Padicans and Ky-elle's Dream species
will just have to put up with fake frippery.
I've also popped in a few images from the last Hat Salon in the salubrious surrounds of my own home,
the House of Flora.
Here's some highlights from the days gone by.

This is The Cathie, it has actually been to New York. Incredible.
Not sure where this one's been, but I know I really liked it.

Here's a taste of the forthcoming Orchid Society Hat Salon.I hope the day has this sort of vibe.

Could be time to trot out the Chanel scarf, a first time wear for the occasion?

And a pretty frock.
Speaking of pretty, did you see photos of Australia's cricket Captain Michael Clark, marry his lovely bride, Kyly?
I loved it. How much frippery did that gown have?
See you at the Salon, lovelies.

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