Saturday, 12 May 2012

Orchids and a Patchwork Economy

What is wrong with this planet, when you can go to an Orchid Society Show and buy this crochet
doily beauty from the Mothers Day craft stall for $3?

Here it is, in situ.
Why hasn't there been some sort of 'price-fixing' for arts and crafts? There needs to be a price charging revolution, no more just writing $3 or $5.50 with gay abandon on treasures, hand-made and one-of-a-kind in this world.
Flora's bits and bods were temporarily upstaged by the rosey wonder of this crochet pattern.
Mind you, I realise it's a nice, kiddie friendly budget.
I heard from SBS television news, that we now have a 'patchwork' economy. I like how craft has come full-blown into the
meta-language of economics.
Maybe it's heightened the importance.
What's a patchwork economy anyway? How's it different to an embroidery sampler economy?
Let me know.
If art and craft is a community service, the Orchid Society certainly does its bit.

What loveliness, they bring to us after all their hard work and dedication.

Preparing some half-finished Floras for the shoot at the Aspley Orchid Society's Mothers Day Show.

About to skedaddle to the Show.

It was every bit as hard-core as I imagined, I am slowly learning early - is never - early enough.
It was busy.
Good for them.
I bought a couple of new lovelies.
Not like this.

Or these serious beauties, below.
They were not for sale, they are prize winning exhibits.

My purchase were less ambitious, humble, and mindful of my limitations.
First purchase:

This purchase will serve to replace some of the fake frippery I purchased for my approaching Hat Salon.

And the second:

Here's my lovely Mt Coot-tha Orchid Society with a fake bloom in it. You've no idea
the weight this had taken off my shoulders. I recommend this strategy.
I felt proud today when an orchid aficionado and I struck up a conversation and I advised him to do the same.
He seemed to like the idea.

Here's the Floras getting amongst it.

Thank you, Orchid Society.

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