Sunday, 13 May 2012

Craft Stocks

I knew it would happen, craft stocks have risen and we have Inge Jacobsen to thank and my source, Australian Vogue.
Look how Inge's rendered Australian Vogue into a cross-stitch. Extraordinary! Her cross-stitch boat has sailed, she's sought after in all sorts of places, now.
Good for her.
There's also a mention of crafting on expensive designer frippery!
Speaking of stocks, last week's dinner party flowers, 'Stocks', as I was corrected 'Not, snapdragons - Flora', are still going strong. I re-purposed them into a smaller indoor arrangement next to some works-in-progress.
I like getting value-for-money out of floral frippery.

Boy, am I busy.
I got up early today, to get stuck in.

Here's the last bit of sunrise over Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I have to go the whole hog with geography because my stats show this blog is accessed all over the traps.
I am proud of this, so thank you for following, if that's you in Russia or Belgium or the United Kingdom or United States! The skies in April-May-June are usually bright blue with lots of sunshine. It's a gorgeous time of year!
Flora plein air.

The Hat Salon's looming down the barrel of next week!
Here's a look at some stuff in the Flora pipeline.
Orchid emulation, in progress

A rose corsage in the foreground.
Underneath this Flora, is my thrift store necklace!
I am going to refashion it by filling the links with satin ribbon bows and frayed black silk!
I'm aiming for a Lanvin-esque look.

Tulle rose buds in progress.
Spotted tulle corsages and tea-stained vintage-look roses.

Happy Mothers' Day, too!

We've got three little ones in the House of Flora, two are below.
We've got a meat-based BBQ planned to enjoy with them.

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