Friday, 11 May 2012

Raising the Bar

I popped over the other week, to see T. T and H are working on a lovely renovation of their house in the 'Hills'. I always like to see what T's been up to, there's always something in the woodwork. T was my chalkface colleague, back when she was a rookie, and frankly, she quickly superseded me in lots of areas!
I'll admit it, I learnt a lot from her, but it was her fault that I spent most of my weekends in 2010, doing chalkface work gratis, rather than at major shopping centres, buying frivolous frippery.
I didn't have time to, because she raised the bar.
I don't hold this against her, I rather liked it.
I knew T and I could be friends forever, when she presented me with this card, at Christmas about eight years ago.
It was personalised, she had, 'gone to a lot of effort'.
I still have it, because I- am-a-hoarder.

Inside there was a mixed media collage.

She'd written all this true stuff, like me being just like Barbie, well-dressed, smart,
versatile, classy and sophisticated.
Her insightfulness rattled me.

 I was shocked that she seemed to know me so well, in such a short time!
And she'd also really exploited the media and used g-l-i-t-t-e-r!
I took advantage of this weakness and got her over to my place soon after, to craft a Christmas fairy together, here's hers.
It was very nice. She knew just when to 'stop' with the frippery.

Below, is a slightly more frivolous project she exhibited last June, pretty good, hey?
 She's got two of them, they're both triple A+.
I love how she dresses the her little Ts and Hs.

T also knocks up Granny Square rugs like there's no tomorrow.
Here's a quiet look at T and H's creative space (glitter free, unless I have visited with a craft activity).
There's no artifice, it exudes a quite, relaxed atmosphere, full of good vibes, for sure.

Their traps have 'good karma'.

T loves knocking herself out in the garden, so much in fact they've built part of the renovation around a lovely tree trunk.
Look at these water plants.

I've got a succulent collection going thanks to her cuttings generosity. I am going to install them soon.

T's leopard wellies.
She's responsible for me growing a crop of watercress. I've followed her instructions to a 'T' and I've got a bit of growth goodness, flowing out of an old takeaway Chinese food container.

Here's some lovely old things, from H's Grandmother, and a few trips here and there.

Star and moon-like pendant lights, illuminate a creative space in the Hills.

Meanwhile the Hat Salon's taking shape.
This is a close up of a Flora-One-of-a-Kind, Orchid Society inspired piece.

The studio's looking more Bacon-esque everyday.

And I'm off to the Aspley Orchid Society's Show tomorrow, excited!

The Leopard Orchid, against a faux (don't worry good people) zebra rug, demonstrating vision splendid.


  1. OH stop it Flora! All this flattery has flipped me out! It is YOU who raises the bar while I go limbo...

    I think we did our best when we 'challenged viewers' and made them create 'organic forms'...but perhaps i can dangle the glittery carrot to get you down to mix up some more madness???? hmm probably that ship has sailed, safety in the 'craft room' where feathery fronds and orchidy masterpieces await!

    I have primped and preened my head and it's waiting to be salonified, but hopefully in the meantime i might bump into you amongst the orchids tomorrow!!

  2. Join me at the Society! I think your garden needs an orchid!