Thursday, 3 May 2012

Paris Flora and Guillet

The weather's turning cooler, I'm feeling sentimental, and I'll never forget going to Paris in Winter 2010. The skies were a bright blue and sunny and covered in white jet streams, yet it was still quite cold. Someone said that it 'never really gets really cold in Paris'. Relatively speaking, I now understand what they mean.
We stayed in an apartment on Rue Houdon, near Rue Lepic, a major food and market area.
It was a fantastic trip. Perfect in every way.
We had a kitchen and I cooked up a storm, most nights. As it was cold, and it made sense to 'stay in', eat, and get out and about each day, coming home about 4pm, with a bag of fresh food. 
It was on this trip that I also pressed my frozen face against the glass at Maison Guillet, house of fleurs, the be all and end all of the fabric corsage! I couldn't believe what we had stumbled upon,
while 'window shopping' at the stores along the Arts Viaduct.
Unfortunately Guillet was closed and we where unable to enter, and alas on return in 2011, Guillet had 'moved outside the peripherique'. So close, yet so far.
Guillet's window looked like this,

La Maison Guillet, créateur de fleurs d’Art à Paris depuis 1896

Luckily, I had the frippery of the Paris Apartment to look forward to, to keep my mind off Guillet's.

Before sunrise. An early morning view towards the Egliste Dome (Napoleon's tomb).

Five floors up, about 100 stairs. Daily constitutional.

An olive tree, snow on the roof across the way and the Judith Leiber.

Ubiquitous floral arrangement and Paris Apartment shot, with Andy Warhol's Dom Perignon nonsense marketing.
The flowers were a gift from our 'greeter'. What's not to love?


Paris apartment decor: weird lights, mismatched chairs and unusual artworks.

Enough coats.

Insanely small kitchen, but who needs space, when the produce's this good?

Hanging frippery, a feathered and beaded frock I made from combining an existing top from TEMT
 and a piece of black fabric 
with a Chanel ribbon as faux label!

Dinner is served!


Mr Fascinata running his business dealings, just before I went out armed with a map and a stern warning, about 'Paris streets being at confusing angles to intersections'.

The result of the shopping outing when alone. The 50 euro (!) Jo Malone Roses scent candle. Heavenly.

Assembled frippery, plastic French bulldog bought in a French toy store, YSLs bought in Melbourne, Miss Louise (transported to Paris but their dream was never realised...too cold and dangerously icy!),
Thomas Sabo French silver French bulldog and the infamous JL minaudiere that had a big outing
 at the Paris Opera for New Years Eve.
Chanel bag contents: brown eyeliner
 from the ultimate shopping experience that is: Galeries Layfayette.

Be still my giddy heart! Lanvin released a range for department store H&M!
A bejewelled and ruffled cocktail frock. Divine.

Keys to a sticky and tricky lock.
Even the cheap postcards are gorgeous in Paris.

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