Thursday, 5 April 2012

Bedazzled Rose Frippery

I am lucky enough to have been to Paris a number of times, mind you, everything has a price, and certain finances in other areas have been 'compromised'! I get caught up with all sorts of creative urges, but often can't do much because fabrics, scissors and threads in not something I travel with. But, can you believe I secreted the craft gluing of this bling-bling on a red rose and then set it up in a bowl in our apartment? Amazing hey? Of all the things to do in Paris! The actual craft took quite a bit of co-ordination, between remembering where I'd seen the craft shop (and finding it again!) and concealing the whole process from my travel partner, who would have thought me crazy (until he saw the final result!).

This effort is dedicated to my friend A, who got married in Vegas, with the most incredible bejewelled bouquet of roses (and Groom!), and went on to tell me how she burst into tears when she realised she couldn't take it home with her to Australia.

On the subject of romance, while walking on the tow-path alongside the Burgundy Canal, I spotted this heart of yellow flowers! Who would imagine, only in France do the flowers even form love hearts by themselves!

What romance or frippery will you see today? Be on the lookout!

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