Saturday, 7 April 2012

Corsage and Neck Frippery

Had a lovely opportunity to use my niece E.L as a model this week! Hope you enjoy looking at the pieces she's wearing. I fashioned the rose neckpiece and then was given the most extraordinary gift from a South Korean textile artist, Ok-Ja Choi who weaves her own silks and cottons and then proceeds to dye with indigo and safflower extracts. Ok-Ja is regarded as a 'national treasure' artist by the South Korean government. Here's a pure silk rose she also gave me, lucky, I know!

I met Ok-Ja at an Exhibition hosted by the Bleeding Heart Gallery on Ann Street, Brisbane City. Bleeding Heart's up to all sorts of good things, all the time. Check them out. Speaking of bleeding hearts, I was shocked to find out the Premiers Literary awards have been axed, what's it all about Mr Campbell, surely it can't be just about dollar saving? I mean I'm not the best example to set fiscal policy, but saving a couple of hundred thousand dollars by axing this? Not sure I get it?
The next photo's a pure wool fleur with an ink treatment on the wool surface, fabric treated by Akira Isogawa! Imagine how stoked I was to see a rack of remnants hanging at the back of Akira's boutique on Ann Street, Fortitude Valley. Be still my giddy heart! I purchased a piece and made a little range of accessories. To my further delight, when I gave Garth (Akira's lovely sales assistant) his own Flora-Akira to keep, he remarked that he would like to show his manager my work. What a compliment!

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