Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Orchid Society: Flora's Autumn 2012 Range

It's time for Flora to release the inspiration for her new range: the orchid society! Last year, around November I had the pleasure of meeting the good people from the 'Species Society', who specialise in growing all sorts of wonder and amazement and exhibit at Mt Cootha Auditorium. My lovely friend M, invited me along and I ended up helping with some of the catering with a few of the workers at the daily grind, that I roped in. Thank you, workers, I really appreciate it. By the way, that's not Freddo in the background, it's a felted look-a-like my friend L put me onto from Freedom.

Check out some of these images, I miss the leopard print orchid so much, it's still around, being watered and loved, but it's not a patch on its former self. Fingers crossed, it'll bloom again. I've also included a few lovely swatches of fabrics that I am going to start conjuring into Flora frippery.

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