Saturday, 21 April 2012

Staying Thin: Chocolates

Luckily, the head (like the feet) doesn't really 'put on weight'. If you can scratch together $24.99, then this almost 1.4kg box (yes, two layers!) of beautifully presented Whitman's chocolates is all yours!
Phone a friend, you could form a syndicate and then divvy the booty up!
If it's you and your bestie, hopefully, there's an even number of chocolates!

And you get change!

Do not despair, I plan to hide the box in various locations around the house, and bring it in to the 'daily grind' a few times,
 to whittle them away!

Luckily, I have read 'French Women don't get Fat' and now I know how to portion such things.


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