Saturday, 14 April 2012

Somewhere to Scamper To?

Do you have the luxury of a room of one's own, or a space to create, no matter how big or small?

 Your very own space to contemplate and create, design, modify, adapt, produce, ruminate, pause, reflect, muse and ponder or just dream?

Does your creative space allow you, to....

Paste up a 'vision board'?

Arrange quirky, little vignettes; and to keep 'things' that are precious safe?

Keep unwanted visitors out, but only sometimes.

Show off lovely things given to you by others, because they 'know you'll love it?' 

Store materials, where you know you'll find them again.

Because, you never know when you'll need to use them! Like this crafted bottle cooler.
Thank you my friend T, you get me!

Keep sentimental stuff, where you can enjoy its special meaning.

 'Showcase' your equipment, a 35 year old Bernina! Who needs new?

Give your house models a place to rest in the eve, after a hard day's work.

What will you do in a creative space today? How will you create your place?

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