Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Plumage makes Everything Possible

Here's a few shots with a focus on 'plumes'. These two beauties were made for a my friend M's daughter. They were trotted out at the Melbourne Cup and Oaks Day a while back. My friend's daughter gussies up beautifully in all the finery, and is also quite comfy in a hard hat and overall, as she is a mining engineer.

M's got a couple of photos of her above her desk at work, one's in all the zhu-zhu, the other's in the hard hat near some sort of a very large hole and a couple of huge trucks. l love the balance it presents and what women can do.

M's daughter knows quite a few people and is always somewhere mixing it up, living the high life. She told me that at the Melbourne Cup, she had seen celebrity milliner Stephen Jones eyeing off the red number she had perched on her lovely tonsure.

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