Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Vision Splendid: Chanel Scarf

Who buys something as wonderful as a Chanel scarf 'for a friend', then actually gives it to them? My lovely friend C clearly does. She saw this pure silk luxury in a Chanel Boutique in Hawaii,
and 'thought of me', she explained.
It came to me gift wrapped, a sturdy black glossy box, squared, safely secured with a metre or so of signature black and white satin ribbon, fabric camellia attached, stamens in the centre.

  I didn't want to open it.
Inside crisp tissue, a gold CC sticker held, neatly folded, the vision splendid.
A classic, not-quite-white camellia and house logo scarf with black accents.
Sorry about the shock of seeing part of me clad in a poly/viscose sweatshirt number from Barkins, but I am doing my best to exercise, so I look the best, when I wear the scarf this Winter!

Be still my giddy heart.

This e-bouquet is for you, C.

What lovely things, either tangible or not, have you done for others lately?
What have others done for you?

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