Tuesday, 24 April 2012

House Muse: in Good Company

Imagine my surprise that Flora's-One-of-a-Kinds have been in the company of Valentino, Chanel, Paul Hunt and DVF,
thanks to my best dressed customer and  muse, C, they have.

Like many of us, lovely C works very hard for her money, but her compassion and genuine interest in the well-being of others has ensured that she is regularly philanthropic, and remains well-grounded,
in this busy world we live in.
Last year, C's love of fashion and design resulted in her selection for Brisbane, Queensland, Australia's
 'Best Dressed 50' list.

I've collected together an array of happy snaps that detail some of C's 'Flora wearing' fashion moments. 
C is also my reason for my love for Judith Leiber minaudieres. I now own one, too, thanks to her kindness in tracking down my preferred piece, rare and located on the other side of the world,
 but nonetheless available!
If you've been paying attention, you've seen my JL frippery at dinner at Montrachet, Paddington, Brisbane,
 in an earlier blog.

I had to include the divine Alexandra Harper 'saddle' inspired 'hatinator', because C (of the most impeccable manners and consideration) purchased this, and then saw fit to apologise for not sourcing one of my designs, (due to me being overseas on my honeymoon), at the time of the Melbourne Cup!

Who has manners and consideration like this? Send them to me!
Anyway, here's a look at C and her Floras!

C, teaming a Flora and pheasant feather fasi with her leather trimmed figured lace Valentino dress. Divine.

At the Melbourne Cup (2010) looking amazing in Flora's electric blue and maroon rose and pheasant fleur crown, wearing Brisbane designer Paul Hunt's ensemble also of teal and purple hues.

Celebrating a Wedding, wearing teal and purple with faint glitter highlight, with a soft teal fur shrug
 around her shoulders.

An nature inspired ensemble with raffia and ruffles on the tonsure, set against a striking purple DVF shift,
with Chanel coral heeled sandals!

The sandal, under close up conditions! *sigh* Loving sand-look toe section!

C in New York, with the Judith Leiber beehive bag and a co-ordinated glittered and golden flower,
 with stark dark feather contrast.

A close examination of the hive.

Still in New York.

On a barge, touring on the Burgundy Canal, France in 2008.

C wearing Alexandra Harper's saddle hatinator, and with her mitts on the Melbourne Cup, 2011!
And, another lovely Paul Hunt design. I thought the Alexandra Harper selection was amazing!

This photo has nothing to do with Floras, but was in the social pages of a city newspaper, in full colour.
I loved C's lipgloss shade, not to mention her looking stunning in a full-length, red sequinned sheath. 
I sent her a quick text that Sunday morning, asking what it was.
Depsite running a business, household and family, C shot back the name and brand in an instant!
 'Bobbi Brown, Scarlet'.
You've got to love that attention to detail, and to a friend's requested frippery!


  1. So pleased you like the 'saddle' piece, officially named 'madame coleoptera'. C wears it superbly!

    Alexandra Harper xx

  2. Hi Alexandra, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I was thrilled to find it. I always look forward to seeing what sartorial pieces C's gets up to. Xx