Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Embroiderers' Guild of Queensland

On a gloomy, grey day in Brisbane, who would have thought between this:

And this:

Could lie this:

The Embroiderers' Guild Queensland Inc. 149 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley.
If you drive in, park down the side-streets, where Amelia Street's convenient.
There's no frippery here, that's for certain.

I tore this out of the paper some months ago, and have eagerly awaited this day.

It was worth the wait!

Surprise! A gorgeous gift tag from one of the vendors, the  Linen and Lace, Shop 17,
 99 Bloomfield Street,
Cleveland, Brisbane. QLD.
Linen and Lace describe their business as, 'Purveyors of exclusive linen, giftware and designer finery'.
Email Linen and Lace, if you desire,

A close-up of part of a lovely community wall hanging produced by the Guild. This large scale project
hangs in the hallway as you walk in.
It's a great example of the members' creativity.

Once inside, were the most beautiful treasures, painstakingly crafted by the Guild*

*guild [gɪld]
1. an organisation, club, or fellowship
2. (Historical Terms) (esp in medieval Europe) an association of men (or women) sharing the same interests, such as merchants or artisans: formed for mutual aid and protection and to maintain craft standards or pursue some other purpose such as communal worship
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © Harper Collins Publishers , 2003
 My arrival at 8am, was clearly not-early-enough! Stock was disappearing before my eyes! I felt a mild sense of panic as I searched the room, what should I do, look at everything first, then come back to purchase? Or purchase as I go?!
Above, are Anne Humphreys' detailed crafts, a 'while you work' an individual needle keep-safe,
and a stunning 'Bouquet Brooch'. Anne's focus is on embroidery, smocking and needlework.
Anne demonstrates the most amazing colour sense!
A Guild member's witty twist on tea towel embroidery, 'Martini, anyone?' Makes the chore pleasant, even!

Above, an olde worlde style taupe and tasselled floral bag, from Linen and Lace, Cleveland, Brisbane.

Below: TrishAlan Designs' striking yarns and trimming hues.

Again from TrishAlan Designs hand-dyed fringes and crocheted wrist bangles. Lovely! I am the proud owner of the variegated gold and brown fringe trim. TrishAlan Designs can be contacted on

*Sigh* silk threads, twisted ply ready for creative hands.
 Prepared by TrishAlan Designs.

Vintage lace packs, as well as buttons!

Those lime green jelly look buttons look 'good enough to eat!'
And milky, mother-of-pearl.

My favourite, the Art Nouveau buttons (top left) alongside wood and resin based beauties.
Below: pastel novelties! Cute!

Pop into the button boutique Buttons at Paddington, in the Paddington Antique Centre (167 Latrobe Terrace), the button boutique is up on the left, as you walk in, via the indoor coffee shop.

Above, Anne Humphreys' needle keep-safe.
And below, her tassel work and sewing notion holders.

I love the wisteria and snap dragons! Reminds me of Monet's Garden.

Aren't Anne's 'olden days' girls needle cases adorable?

Above, are Anne's stunning smocked and padded coat-hangers, fashioned from the most beautiful fabrics and complementary yarns.
Below: a close up of Anne's brooch I bought for a friend, who I know will love it!

The Guild offers Classes to take! Children are welcome! Keep the craft legacy going.
What a lovely Mother's Day gift for yourself.

A map, in case you need it to find the Guild's next showing!
I can't wait for the next event, and am grateful for all the wonder and amazement I saw,
and the clever folk who produced it. 
Just lovely!


  1. So lovely to meet you today. Thank you for including me in your post.

    1. Thank you, Trishalandesigns, your work is lovely. I'm joining the Guild and going to start a project. Did you get to Jenny Adin Christie? It was a great presentation. :) x