Friday, 20 April 2012

Rocking the Bangs

Well, I have to admit, I am behind with my homework. There's no recent Flora-One-of-a-Kinds to parade,
no progress made with the forthcoming May Hat Salon. And, the house is a pig-sty.
Instead my new hair trim, ie. the fringe has taken over my life. My fringe now has life of its own,
and needs its own introduction.

Apparently, it's taken 'years off'.
The new coif has been a conversation starter, and to be honest, a very pleasant surprise. The fringe is cheaper than botox, more convenient than plastic surgery and a welcoming youthful refresher, for what's been a well nourished,
 but still 40 something visage. And, most astonishingly the 'do' only cost me $8.
And gasp, I have also decided to stop tinting my colour and embrace the grey!
I now have two stylish grey sweeps under my heavy bangs.
It's the Ipad's fault, once you've searched 'going grey attractively' you get hooked on the idea.
Ladies, I highly recommend the move, if you've been thinking about it, do it!
Thank you to all those, who this week, told me I was 'rocking the bangs'.

Here's some totally unrelated frippery, that I love to look at; that I've got lying around the house.

Happy Weekend, and remember, if you've been hesitant about the bangs, now's the time!

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