Sunday, 15 April 2012

What are you Grateful For?

Well, what are you grateful for, right now, this moment? Here's my list, without too much thought.

My 2012 Gratitude Diary, an inspired purchase from Sarah Foster's recommendation, via my dear friend F.
Sarah's lifestyle blog Sarah Foster Life and Style was the first blog I ever read and I became hooked. At the moment, Sarah's taking a break. On each page, the book poses the question, 'What are you grateful for?'
Most days I really try to write in the diary, even if it's just a word like 'coffee'!

Flora's ongoing frippery (mine and other's as above), friends and creative hands. Last night I spent time with some of the loveliest people, they encouraged me to have another one of Flora's Hat Salons, in the salubrious surrounds of  my own home. We also talked about taking up art classes together. One of my cousin's developed juvenile arthritis at around 30 years of age, rendering her hand activity to next to nothing.
Every day I am thankful for the work my hands do.

Exercise! Guess what I have just finished 10 days of early morning Boot Camp, with 'Seriously Fit' personal trainers. I love it, and I am very aware that I am lucky to be able to exercise!
Source ackowledgement to Pin-Up Calendar, Miss January (2011) Eizo.

That my puppy recovered from his cancer scare!

That I have seen through my own eyes, Monet's garden at Giverny.

That Mr Fascinata and I have walked all over the place in Europe, for hours and hours on end, and that Mr F, meets my every whim when we travel abroad.
How lucky am I?

That I have friends like S, who I can be 'anything' around!

That my daily work, allows me the luxury of looking at art, did anyone see the Goodwill Bridge in Brisbane, Queensland all tricked up in winter woolies, a while back? It was part of a community art project, there were bits of knitted nonsense all over town. What's not to love?

French food frippery found in a boulangerie in Lourmarin.

Our lovely, little God-daughter, now living in Lourmarin.

What are you thinking about? Does your list change daily, mine does because there's so much to include!


  1. Jealous re your trip to Giverney- would luff to see Monet's garden x

  2. Mr F is very grateful that Flora is in his world