Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ornithophora Padicans Plus Frippery

There's certainly no time for frippery when you are messing with orchids. And once again, if you have been paying attention, you'd know that my new range is based on the sheer delicacy and beauty of such plant creatures.
This post is both good news and bad.
First, some retrospective data on what once was; something very beautiful between me and the Ornithophora Padicans and the Phalenopsis species.

Rest your eyes, but be prepared for a shock.

So dainty and those colours...!

*sigh* Leopard Orchid, how I loved thee. Please rejuvenate and bloom a spray.
I know, I don't deserve it.

Let's face it, I had it all, until...

But why, harsh Brisbane summer are you so cruel!
And why, didn't I read the fine print given to me the orchid society?

Orchid sadness. Dry brittle roots masses, they are supposed to be 'moist and slightly green'.
Alas, all that remains, after a summer in the House of Flora. I have taken the other hapless victims, after furtively searching the net for, 'How to care for Orchids?' to a cooler, more humid place.
Don't worry too much, I have been advised, 'They might come good,' by a well-meaning colleague.
Now, for the good news! I've had a couple of days, working on my inspired 'Orchid Society' range for 2012.
Here's a little look! They are very lightweight to wear and based on organic shapes and forms.
I've used lots of the most beautiful sculpted lace to emulate the graphic lines of the orchid flowers, leaves and stems.

Almost completed Flora's-One-of-a-Kind.

Lovely Floras, I still have you.
I am scheduling a May Hat Salon in the comfort of my own salubrious surroundings towards the end of the month. Message me if you'd like the details!
 More wonderful creations to come.
And, if you know anyone from the Orchid Society (Mt Coot-tha) mum's the word with this post.

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