Thursday, 12 April 2012

Where will you go Today?

What will inspire your creativity today, will it be like this? The unexpected use of something? Like, Flora's found object and feathered froth, or perhaps it's...?

A high end purchase, but finding a bargain 'look-a-like'!

Free materials and loads of creative fodder! Can you believe a bird lined her nest with dacron fibres!

Irridescent feathers and a carefully dried pink rose.

Still not tired of shabby chic?

A foiled gardenia, almost free, and a beautiful decoration!

 Wearing 'everything' at once!

Whipping up a designer label on my 35 year old Bernina sewing machine - thank you for the inspiration!
Vogue Australia (May 2012) 
To match the Les Nereides bijoux! Joy!

Using a pure cotton and linen towel, a limited release from Sheridan. Yours and yours, only.

Scratching around the Salvos, finding things priced at $3.50 and precious, to give later to someone who appreciates, a brooch collector, maybe?

Maybe you haven't got time for all this frippery, well, just look around you today, feel the lovely
seasonal change
in the air.
Enjoy yourself, make the most of everything.

The early morning Autumn sun on the deck. Shadow and line at play.

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